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The type of skip bin you’ll need depends on the type of refuse you want hauled away. For instance, household and yard waste, furniture, clothes, cardboard, glass, yard waste, scrap metal, fencing material and small tree stumps are some of the items you can place in a general purpose skip bin. Skip bins come in various sizes:

  •  Mini skip bins hold up to 35-40 black garbage bags
  • Builders skip bins hold up 75 black garbage bags
  • Large skip bins hold approximately 140 black garbage bags
  • Commercial mini roll on/off containers hold 20 cu/feet of inert material
  • Commercial roll on/off containers hold 40 cu/feet of light builders waste
  • Commercial large roll on/off containers hold 50 cu/feet of light scrap metal

Only Mini skip bins are perfect for those pesky jobs like cleaning out your basement, garage or garden waste. Builders skip bins are just right when you’ve decided to renovate. The large skip bins can handle bulky items like large mattresses, appliances, large furniture and bed frames. Our commercial containers can handle just about anything you can throw at them. These containers are priced per tonnage and transport. You’ll need to contact our offices for availability and delivery times.

We do not handle:

  • Paint, dried or liquid
  • Chemicals
  • Fuel
  • Food waste

The skip bins must not be overloaded or filled above the rim if at all possible. They may cause unsafe transportation to occur, causing damage to property. We have the right to deny any future skip bin pick-up should this occur.

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