Box Hill

Are you a resident of Box Hill? How about the Box Hill area? If so, then you know that the growth in the area has been tremendous over the last decade, and taxes and services are also getting more costly. In an effort to mitigate some of these external service costs, especially for residents who are in the outlying areas of Box Hill, such as Surrey, Blackburn, Thames, Shannon, Canterbury areas, then we invite you to consider getting your waste and rubbish management service done with us. We have recently launched a new campaign to manage the rubbish and skip bin services for both long and short term contracts for residents, business, and contractors to provide an alternative solution for those looking for value-added skip bin services.




  • Skip Bin Delivery
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Special Handling Advice
  • Temporary / On-Call Removal
  • Location and Pickup Advice
  • A Range of Bin Sizes and Prices
  • Friendly, Timely, Reliable Service

We are offering our new packages to residents in Box Hill and the outlying areas in order to boost our services in the area, and secure a greater reputation as part of our greener neighbourhood campaign running in the Vic area. While Box Hill is along the more northerly part of our route, we are eager to get more representation in this area, and as a result are offering some of the most competitive and affordable rates for our new customers. We can provide timely and affordable skip bin delivery, rubbish removal, timed services, as well as honest and reliable service.